Welcome, and Come Back Often!

Really? Do We Need Another Blog?

Yes and no.

If the subject matter is not something you care deeply about, or even care little about, or care about at all, you will answer no in all likelihood.  Same if the subject matter is something you care deeply about but don’t agree on the position, perspective or opinions the blog promotes.  Or maybe you just hate the entire idea of blogs.  No again.

What if you believe there is a surfeit of interesting conversations and discussions covering a wide and diverse range of topics?  What if you want to engage with others who feel the same, those who want to elevate the conversations?

If those thing appeal to you, I invite you to grab a mug of coffee, a cup of tea, a stein of beer, a stainless steel bottle of water or whatever beverage is of the moment for you and join in.  For my part, I will endeavor to engage your minds and your hearts, stimulate your intellect, occasionally bring a smile to your face, and create a place where you can feel part of it all.

What Will I Write About?

I promise only a wide range of topics.  Social science, health and medical care, literature, art, music, mathematics, technology, history, human relationships, kids, growing up and growing older, science, news items, fads, home, travel, food and cooking, to name a few topics I feel passionate about. And like those Oscar acceptance speeches, there are important ones I probably forgot but will get to eventually.

What would you like to read about?  Let me know and I will work on some great posts for you.

If I write about public policy, politics, religion, and much more, will you agree with me?  I hope so and I hope not.  First, I will try and avoid any personal opinion spews but probably can’t help but show my bias a bit every once in a while.  And if I only wrote to get you to agree with what I present, that is neither informative nor entertaining.  I don’t intend to channel talk radio hosts.

Now let’s get started.  Read on, McDuff!


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